Young Creativity Unleashed onto the Streets of Norwich

This summer, the streets of Norwich will come to life in an explosion of fun, creativity and colour as an amazing band of mini gorilla sculptures take over the city.  67 mini gorillas will be out and about showcasing the wonderful creativity of young people across the county

From June 28th the GoGoGorillas! schools project will be in shops, theatres, coffee bars and restaurants across the city centre.  There will be an online trail map and a downloadable map so that you can find each one of them.  Why not take a sunny day in the summer to visit them all?

Norfolk’s youngest citizens areat the heart of the event the mini gorilla sculptures, have been designed by schools, nurseries and young people’s organisations, and it will be exciting to see them joining their larger siblings throughout the city centre.

Some schools have already decorated their gorillas – To find out their designs and read their stories click on the images below!



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Alderman Swindell School and Nursery

This design was created by Yellow Class (Year 1) age 5 to 6. The class had discussions about endangered animals, which led to the decision to create a collage of various endangered species on their gorilla. The children thought that it was … Continue reading


Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School

Arden Grove have been learning about gorillas and about the animals that live in the rainforests.   The children have been inspired by the different patterns they have observed on animals and by the colours of the rainforest. All the   children … Continue reading


Ashleigh Infant School and Nursery

This fruity gorilla is inspired by gorillas’ silver backs, their diet and their unique finger prints. The painting is done using fingers and all the Reception children are represented by their own unique finger prints.


Ashleigh Infant School and Nursery

Inspired by the gorilla’s habitat and Henri Rousseau’s rainforest paintings, this gorilla depicts the different layers of the rainforest and is based on designs selected by the year 1 and 2 Art Group. Website:


Attleborough High School & Sixth Form Centre

Celebrating diversity this gorilla represents all the students in Attleborough High School. Website:


Attleborough Junior School

A whole school design competition produced numerous designs linked to the Tiger logo. Final designs were selected by all staff based on bright and colourful and have a creative way of including the whole school.   The design will be their … Continue reading


Aylsham High School

Termerilla was inspired by the KS3 after-school Art club, run by their Art and Graphics Captains. The students were excited about showing the robotic side of this Gorilla and as a result the ‘Termerilla’ was born; part Gorilla; part Terminator. Working alongside Artist, Phil Daniels, the students have … Continue reading


Beccles Free School

Orci the gorilla, was designed by Aaron Wilson to be Superman. It was inspired by the Beccles Free Schools colours (red and blue). Over the past few weeks Charlotte Le Grice, Grace Claxton, Stefan Remblance, Alexandra Hubbard, Charlotte Carter and … Continue reading


Bluebell Primary School

The gorilla design was chosen after a whole school competition was launched at a gorilla fact file assembly.   The winning design was created by Abbie Smith a year 6 pupil, who decided on her military camouflage design, after being told … Continue reading


Caister High School Arts College

As soon as Gary arrived in school he generated much excitement amongst students and staff. A competition was held to design a new coat for the gorilla. Sixty entries went into a lunchtime exhibition and people were asked to vote … Continue reading


Cawston VC Primary School

Cawston’s gorilla design is based on ideas from a range of pupils. They are a Church school and have been thinking about the Christian value of Creativity as Carers of Creation. They have also been learning about sustainability in the environment as … Continue reading


Chapel Break Infant School

Chapel Break Infant School were all inspired by the book ‘One Gorilla’ by Atsuko Morozumi, in particular the mathematical concepts behind the book. Their Mathemagical Gorilla reflects a combination of ideas from several   children, focusing on the Gorilla’s habitat, mathematical patterns and   … Continue reading


City College Nursery

The inspiration for City College Nursery’s Gorilla design came from wanting to include all of the nursery children in decorating, as they felt they would enjoy being involved in the process.  Each child will have a leaf or a flower to decorate and … Continue reading


City College Sixth Form Centre


Clover Hill Infant School and Nursery

The children came up with the idea of puzzle pieces and had originally planned to draw little pictures on each piece.  However, they were all pleased with the simplicity of the colours in a puzzle and felt this represented the school … Continue reading


Cringleford CE Primary School

Cringleford have been creating lots of designs for their gorilla. Below are some of the childrens designs.       The gorilla design came from a number of ideas from children in all the classes in the school. Their ideas … Continue reading


Debbie Leeming Childminder

Debbie Leeming is a registered childminder in Spixworth, just outside Norwich. When she heard the Gorillas were coming to Norwich this summer she decided with the children to do a sponsored walk to raise the money to take part. On a very … Continue reading


Dereham St Nicholas Junior School

Nicholas was inspired by the design of Ryley James in 5TE. It is covered in different types of leaves that can be found in the jungle. Each child of the school has included their initials into the design on the … Continue reading


Diamond Academy

The inspiration for the design of Bert, reflects the children’s concern for endangered animals, featured on the World Wildlife Fund’s website (WWF)across two continents ~ Africa and Asia. Bert also has a target drawn on his back to remind us … Continue reading


Diss Church of England Junior School

The concept was left entirely to the children at Diss Church of England. After brainstorming and sharing ideas the Y6 children decided that the fairest way to complete this task was to split Go-Go into equal sections so that everyone … Continue reading


Earlham Early Years Centre

The project has involved the whole community of Earlham Early Years Centre reach area. All the community groups and children attending the Nursery School and Day Nursery, which is renowned for its inspiring outdoor learning environment, have taken part in … Continue reading


Eastgate Community Primary School

Eastgate decided to design three gorillas within their school. Africanah – United The animals of Africa inspired them with the bright colours and patterns. They combined the leaves and flowers of Africa into the South – African flag. When they finished the design it … Continue reading


Eastgate Community Primary School


Eastgate Community Primary School


Freethorpe Community Primary School

Their Gorilla project started with every child in the school being asked to design a gorilla, which showed the things that were really important to them personally.  These initial designs were shown within each class; they then took the most popular designs … Continue reading


Hall School

Hall School would like their gorilla to highlight the central role of communication at the school. Mathew, one of the sixth formers designed the body and the communication team decided on the painted t-shirt. The t-shirt will have the school logo on … Continue reading


Heather Avenue Infant School

“H.A.Eco” has been the result of lots of hard work at Heather Avenue Infant School. The children learnt about the Gorilla and the sustainability of our planet and then created their own designs as part of a homework competition.   … Continue reading


Hethersett High School

One side is based upon the Gorillas natural habitat and the other side is the own habitat of Norfolk, together under one sky.  The hethersett high school logo appears on the front of the Gorilla and the village signs represent the … Continue reading


Hethersett VC Junior School

Jacques was inspired by the work of Jacques Cousteau who said: “The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: We are all in the same boat.” Hethersett’s Gorilla is … Continue reading


Hethersett Woodside Infant & Nursery

This week the gorilla sculpture arrived at Hethersett Woodside Infant and Nursery School. The children were fasinated to know where it had come from and why it was there. All classes have spent the week investigating gorilla’s and their habitat. … Continue reading


Kinsale Infant School

At Kinsale Infant School, we have chosen the colours to represent the natural habitat of the gorilla, and the design to show gorillas needs to be looked after and cared for to ensure their safety. We used the handprints of … Continue reading


Lionwood Infant and Nursery School

Lionwood’s gorilla is designed by a team of parents and children. The project is spanning over 6 weeks and is forming the designs which will be painted onto their Gorilla. The children are also learning a gorilla dance, making gorilla masks, … Continue reading


Little Melton Primary School

The children were all invited to design their own gorilla.  The most popular designs included lots of small patterns, leaves and bananas.  All of the children created their own leaf or banana and some children were involved with creating the … Continue reading


Lodge Lane Infant School

The children in reception love to share their learning with their friends and family. They do this by talking about photos of themselves and others in their learning journals. Emerald class decided they wanted the gorilla to be all about … Continue reading


Magdalen Gates Pre School

Magdalen Gates Pre School’s design was inspired by their preschool logo and the beautiful colours of the rainbow.


Magdalen Gates Primary School

Their gorilla will be based on the gorilla from the story book titled ‘Gorilla’, by Anthony Browne.


Mileham Primary School

The design for Camilla has been developed by all of the children at Mileham Primary School.   Their inspiration has come from African patterns, topic work on Gorillas and rainforests, the gorillas decorated by professional artists and a strong sense of wanting … Continue reading


Mulbarton Junior School

Chloe Jones in Year 3 is the designer of this gorilla. She says: “I came up with the idea as I thought gorillas lived in the jungle. Instead of drawing animals in their real colours, I thought of the sun … Continue reading


Mulbarton Community Infant School

All the children had a chance to come up with a design, and Lil Slaughter’s was the one finally chosen. She is in Year Two and worked hard and creatively to capture several ideas in one design. Their gorilla is all … Continue reading


North Elmham Primary School

Combining a topic on healthy eating; inspired by Jo-Jo the Gorilla, and their end of term production; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, the children of North Elmham Primary have all been involved in creating a coat fit for a gorilla.  … Continue reading


Norwich Lower School

The design was inspired by the pupils’ lower school life and the school’s proximity to Norwich Cathedral. They have decorated their gorilla in Cathedral bosses, each showing an image of lower school life. The gorilla is also dressed in their school uniform! All pupils have … Continue reading


Old Catton C of E Junior School

Jaden Snelling (age 11) created the school’s design. The reasoning why he chose the tiger theme was because he liked the orange and the black colours together. He also liked how tigers kill their prey and how they are unlike any other … Continue reading


Parkside School

Parkside’s gorilla was inspired by their new sensory garden which is being built. They also have one of the large gorillas being painted at school during the week which they have been following its progress. Their chosen design was by a year … Continue reading


Queen’s Hill Primary & Nursery School

Queen’s Hill have recently been awarded the Platinum Sing-Up award and want to celebrate this in their gorilla design, promoting singing in the school, the wider community and beyond. The design will show some examples of their children singing at many events … Continue reading


Recreation Road Infant School

Recreation Road Infant School opened the competition to the whole school (360 pupils). They voted for their favourite design in each year group and then amalgamated those designs to create the final gorilla design. Their gorilla is name Peanuts. Website:


Reepham Primary School

Their gorilla (named “Dave” by the children at Reepham Primary School) is their International Gorilla. Children in all classes from Reception to Year 6 created designs. These designs were then considered by a small creative committee made up of children across … Continue reading


Robert Kett Junior School

Robert Kett have a school community Inspired design as a result of whole school competition. The final design is an amalgamation of three finalist of the competition. The 3 winners were Holly Chamberlin, Nada Hasan and Adam Cook. Holly chose stationary … Continue reading


Rockland St Mary Primary School

Woodget is named after Captain Richard Woodget, who was Captain of the Cutty Sark. He was born in Burnham Norton, Norfolk. Some of his descendants live in Rockland St. Mary. Woodget is dressed in their school uniform. The design was created … Continue reading


Sprowston Community High School

Sprowston Community High School are hard at work painting their gorilla. Debbie Jay from Sprowston Community High School said “Having taken part in the ‘Go Elephants project’, our students were really excited to be part of the ‘Wild in Art’ … Continue reading


Sprowston Junior School

All classes transformed their timetable for gorilla week. Each year group produced a different style piece of artwork from clay gorilla busts to collages to evolution pictures. Children wrote gorilla fact files, persuasive arguements against poaching and a variety of … Continue reading


St Georges Infant & Nursery School



St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

Their design was created by gifted and talented artists from the after school art club. As a group, they love drawing and painting animals and care deeply about them. Website:


St Mary’s Community Primary School

The gorilla has been designed and created by children from Reception to Year 6. Grylls the Gorilla has been inspired by the creative curriculum topics ‘Keen to be Green’ and ‘Wildlife’.   During the topics they have studied wildlife and conservation around the … Continue reading


St Michael’s Junior School

A dragon separates night and day as it circles above its castle and kingdom. This fantasy world was born in every child’s minds eye and enthusiastically transferred to Kingdom Kong. The detail is amazing and no stone is left undiscovered. … Continue reading


Stalham High School

Stalham High decided to make their gorilla a member of Stalham High School. In this way they can save the gorilla from extinction by using Go Girl to publise the plight of gorillas in their native land. Go Girl has attached to her uniform, … Continue reading


The Thetford Academy

Thetford Academy’s gorilla design was chosen by their Principal, Mrs Spillane, from all the designs that their year 9 pupils have produced. It is based on the Thetford Forest which is near the school site and many of the pupils enjoy the … Continue reading


Thomas Bullock Primary School

Joe’s design is a combination of ideas from children at Thomas Bullock School.  The School logo was designed by one of the pupils and her parents, it embodies their school values and has become a central part of the school life.  At the centre … Continue reading


Thorpe St Andrew School

Whilst working upon a food themed project in Art, year 7s wanted to show how they could have a healthy balanced diet. Taking ideas from the food triangle and working in a style influenced by Artists such as Sarah Grahm, … Continue reading


Tots2Teens 8 years +


Tots2Teens 5 – 8 Years Old


Tuckswood Community Primary & Nursery School



Valley Primary School

Valley Primary have named their Gorilla Gus. The School Council made a short list of three names, Garth, Gordon and Gus. The whole school then voted and Gus was the popular choice with the children and staff.   Every child … Continue reading


West Earlham Infant & Nursery School

The children from West Earlham Infant and Nursery School have worked on sketches of gorilla’s, focusing on facts and fiction around gorillas. They researched lots of information and expanded their understanding of gorillas. All the year 2 children did drawings … Continue reading


West Earlham Junior School

Children take part in Philosophy lessons at West Earlham Junior school. They have decorated their Gorilla with a blue sky and inspiring philosophical quotes from West Earlham pupils. Website:


White Woman Lane Junior School

The school’s design was created following discussions about endangered species.   The children wanted the design to highlight endangered species and make them more noticeable, so that people take note of their plight.     It uses vivid colours and natural patterns to … Continue reading


Wroughton Infant School


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